The below are the predominant and featured weapons of the show.


Most gunpowder weaponry is designed to stop the sleeve, not Real Death the stack. Gunpowder shoots in a variety of rates of fire.


Plasma weaponry fires a hot ‘slug’ of incandescent plasma at faster than the speed of sound. Plasma is usually blue; a cold fire. Plasma rounds on impact splash and burn the place of impact. Plasma is usually used when you intend to kill the sleeve but recover the stack. Most plasma guns are semi­-automatic with relatively small mags compared to bullets.


Rail guns use powerful magnets to accelerate a superdense tungsten ‘rail’ or ‘bolt’ to incredibly high speeds. Thus railguns are used for their very high penetration of armor and material and their exceedingly high rate of fire. Railguns need a battery to charge the magnets. Railguns use both cased bolts and caseless catridges of solid metal. Railguns are most common in the military. They are expense and brutal, producing very high damage to sleeves ­­ think the impact of today’s .50 cals.


Energy weapons use a battery pack to blast out high energy charged particles in a solid beam of light. The beam moves at the speed of light and thus impact is near-­instantaneous. Such particle beams are dialable for height and width with commensurate power consumption. Energy weapons are designed to kill the stack and the sleeve. These weapons are expensive and very deadly.


Lots of blades, from samurai swords down to short little gut­-cutters. Blades can be made from any material. Some blades, such as Kovacs’ Tebbet knife, will have biological agents laced into the blade itself.


Grenades are pretty much what we expect. Anything from classic concussive potato mashers to modern frags. There are also various tech grenades such as jammers or near­-area EMPs as well as demolitions grenades, such as corrosive/explosive or phosphorus melters.